Welcome Voyagers, this is a big announcement so I'll try to keep it as short as I can

We started this server back up about 4-5 months ago and we've continued to grow every month since then. We went from a small server that was never active and have started to become a growing community with a good consistent player base. While activity is down right now as we're between updates and events that is going to change! 

As you may have noticed, we generally operate one a 4-6 week update cycle. We do the big updates, then we spend time polishing off the bugs and balancing it before planning out the next batch of updates. Well we're moving towards the big update part of the cycle and I would like to annou...

By Alontrle, about 1 year ago
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Welcome to Breakout Incorporated. We are an OP Prison networy that brings tons of unique and custom features to minecraft players like you. You are currently browsing our forums, please feel free to register an account or login and talk with the community!

We also have a discord that can be found here: https://discord.gg/nvHY7R7M9n

By Alontrle, about 1 year ago
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