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Season 4 Coming Soon...

Welcome Voyagers, this is a big announcement so I'll try to keep it as short as I can

We started this server back up about 4-5 months ago and we've continued to grow every month since then. We went from a small server that was never active and have started to become a growing community with a good consistent player base. While activity is down right now as we're between updates and events that is going to change! 

As you may have noticed, we generally operate one a 4-6 week update cycle. We do the big updates, then we spend time polishing off the bugs and balancing it before planning out the next batch of updates. Well we're moving towards the big update part of the cycle and I would like to announce a few big changes that will be coming in the near future!


We are rebranding from Breakout Incorporated to Apollo37.

This allows us to continue to expand, as we will be changing the minehut server over to a new network called Apollo37 which is better for advertising and will be ran through the minehut external partner system. This allows us to use our own hardware, which is something we need. Our server has a lot of stuff going on, so it uses a lot of resources and while I've optimized it a lot if we ever want to exceed 50 players this is required. We are also working with Minehut to purchase partner advertising for the next season so you can expect to find our advertisements scattered on the hub for the next map!

This rebrand will slowly be rolled out before the next map update. The server name will remain the same on minehut until the next season starts. At that point, we will setup a small hub server on the old name telling players how to join the new server. It's not perfect, but after talking to Minehut management it was the best solution we could come up with.


Part two.. Because there's just so much!

As part of this update, we will be bringing on a new member into the ownership team. The moderator @Cloud is being promoted to co-owner rank, as he will be helping with some development, as well as community management and some other administrative things. I'm glad to be bringing him onto the team, and I hope everyone gives him a warm welcome. I've worked with him for at least 5 years now, so I trust his abilities more then anyone else.


So you keep talking about this new season.. But when should we expect it?

Well see, this is where things get a bit tough. I really want to make sure that this update goes smooth and everything goes to plan. I have a lot of updates to do, so sadly we still have a few weeks until I can release it. Until then server activity most likely won't be the highest. However we are working on several new large features and I may give some sneakpeaks if you ask real nicely. I will give an exact date when I'm confident we will be ready by then.

We will be adding more content to gangs, pve, and replacing plots with 'satellites' that are similar to skyblock islands. We are still looking for more ideas with gangs, we will be interested in any suggestions you guys may have for those.


 Some final notes 

The discord will be the first to be rebranded, we will be working on that today while the rest may take some time. We will also be adding a bug-bounty system and a suggestion reward system in the next update as per the recommendation of the event manager @Chompy.

We're going to be looking for builders soon and running applications for builders, send me a private message if you're interested in applying!

We will be working with the event manager to schedule and plan a lot more events next season. If you have any questions, post them in general or feedback and we'll get back to you. 


about 1 year ago

[Format] Ban Appeal

Last edited August 20th, 2022.


Greetings Inmate, you must have been the worst of the worst if you're seeing this page. However, fear not. At some point, you were caught breaking some rules. We are big on giving second chances, but you will not get any additional chances. If you think your ban was unfair, or if you understand the wrongs of your ways, feel free to fill out the application below. Just copy it to another thread and post it.



1. You must not have been banned more than once.

2. You must not have been banned for racism, sexism, or any hate speech.

3. All client modifiers must be removed from your game.

4. You must not have been disrespectful when contacting any staff members post-ban.


If your ban appeal is accepted, you will receive a message on the forums and may join the server. 




In Game Name:

Link to Punishment: Find it here:


The Meat of the Appeal:


Why do you believe you should be unbanned?: 


Do you have any evidence or an argument that you did not commit an offense?:




1. Honesty is key, you must agree to be honest. If it is found you lied in this appeal, it will be rejected with no future appeals.

2. If you contact any staff about this ban appeal it will be rejected.

3. If you discuss this appeal or your ban on forums or discord it will be rejected.

4. If you are admitted back into the community, any rule violation will be a permanent ban.

5. If you have used any alts to avoid your ban, this application will be rejected and you will be IP banned.


Do you agree to these terms?


That's it! Thanks for appealing your ban at BreakoutINC!

about 1 year ago

Staff Application - BlaxkExy

Your application has been accepted, you've been contacted via discord. 

about 1 year ago

Staff application CallMeMarvin

Your application has been accepted, you've been contacted via discord. Sorry for the long wait.

about 1 year ago

julia_is_baka's staff application

Unfortunately your application has been denied. According to the server, the user 'julia_is_baka' has never played so we cannot accept this application. Also, please copy and paste the format if you re-apply, it will make it easier for us to read. 

about 1 year ago