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julia_is_baka's staff application

Hi, my ingame Minecraft username is julia_is_baka, I do not have any nicknames. I speak English and live in the eastern United States. My discord is cschorr#8394, I'm 15 years old. I was a builder on a server called dupe killers until the server was griefed. the reason I think I am the best applicant for this position is that I love building and I'm also very good with Minecraft commands and I have a vast knowledge of Minecraft mechanics. I think a perfect staff member would devote all their available time and efforts to the server. the reason I want to be a staff member on this server is that I love prison servers (they're so much fun), and I like being to help other people out, I also want people to enjoy this server as much as I do. I can dedicate about 2 hours a day on average to this server depending on school and family events. my goal as a staff member is to help other people out and make sure everyone on the server has a ton of fun.


18 days ago