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ItzRivalBTW's Staff Application



In Game Name: ItzRivalBTW


Nicknames: Peter, Rival


Languages: English


Timezone: GMT/BST


Discord: Rival | Peter P#4560


Age: 20



The Meat of the Application:


Where have you staffed before? Please list server names and positions: 

StafeMC (Staff Manager) 

HCGames (SrMod)

ClarityMC (Mod)

LegionMC (JrAdmin)


What makes you the best applicant?: 

I am an active player on the server. I have past staff experience on PvP and prisons servers 


How would you describe the "perfect" staff member?: 

I think the perfect staff member is someone that helps people and other staff members if they need it and is active in discord and the server. Someone who interacts with the server and makes it a better place for players and staff members.  


Why would you like to be a staff member here?: 

 I have a good strong believe that I have contributed a fun personality for players, bringing this forward and becoming staff means I can not only be fun to be around but be a reassurance that this is a safe place to be for everyone. Knowing the ins and outs of the server already i feel i am a good candidate for staff.


How active can you be/What’s your schedule?: 

 Monday: 1pm-11pm

Tuesday: 1.30pm-11pm

Wednesday: 1.30pm-11pm

Thersday: 5.30pm-11pm

Friday: 1pm-11pm

Saterday: 1pm-11pm

Sunday: 1pm-11pm


What is your goal as a staff member?: 

My goal is to help players and staff members if they need it and to have a good impact on the community.




1. Honesty is key, you must agree to be honest.

2. As a staff member, you must do what management says.

3. You will be expected to follow the rules, as a staff member, players will take after you.

4. Please understand that we get a lot of applicants. If you mention your application to a staff member, it will be automatically denied. We do not like to be harassed over pending applications, thank you.

5. If your application is denied, you must wait a month to re-apply.

Do you agree to these terms? 



11 months ago